Hacking 101

We are proud to release another proof of concept… (we’ll go to production one day!) in the form of a series of hacking 101 educational courses. These are short focused courses aimed at teaching you the fundamentals of security testing and hacking from port scanning through to privilege escalation we aim to make content which can help all the n00bs from the ones just starting their journeys through to the ones that realise they will always be #EternalN00bs

Course Overview (WIP)

This isn’t set in stone but so far the forward release plan looks as follows:

  • Basic Network Enumeration (21/02/2019)
  • Web Recon (01/03/2019)
  • Cracking the Hash (08/03/2019)

Episode 1 – Basic Network Enumeration

Episode 2 – Web Recon

Episode 3 – Hash Cracking

Episode 3 focuses on hash crack from Windows SAM files through to 7z archives!

Download Episode 3

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