Reducing business risk & improving education, awareness and defence through offensive security

Welcome to pwnDefend! The initiate to help improve Cyber security from inception through design. At Xservus we felt not enough was being done in the industry and by businesses to really shift Cyber security left but also to improve basic security practises (you know, the ones that aren’t hard or expensive to put in place!). With this in mind we setup the pwnDefend initiate.


  • Improve cyber security education and awareness for both technical and non technical people
  • Improve education on both offensive and defensive security practises
  • Encourage people to get into the Cyber security industry from all walks of life, regardless of current skill level, after all we are all #EnternalN00bs who are constantly learning!


Now all this intent is great but without action it’s meaningless, so we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is and we’ve started creating resources for people to use! These include:

  • Content on the Xservus YouTube channel
  • Development of an internet facing CTF (currently in proof of concept stage)
  • Publishing educaitonal content online
  • Engagement online via social media


We’ve been creating a range of content, you’ll find the links below to our YouTube channel where we are aiming to produce new content ever few weeks or so highlighting both offensive and defensive technique. Episode 1 and 2 are already online!


We know that video content isn’t for everyone so we are continuing to create content on the ThreatWeek blog!

ThreatWeek – Security Blog


Our Twitter ‘ai’ has a bit of a thing for promoting CTF’s yet at the same time doesn’t want anyone to steal the flags, which can make for an interesting experience!