Technology solves business challenges but brings many of its own

We often get asked what we do, the answer to this is fairly simple from a high level

We enable businesses to efficiently and effectively maximise their use of technology through people, process and technology advisory & consulting services.

The being said we leverage complexity to simplify technology for your business. The IT landscape is wide and expanding environment, so to provide further insight we have highlighted some of the challenges our solutions solve.

Challenges & Solutions

  • Q: How do I modernise my technology estate?
    • A: There are a number of mechanisms, the key here to establish a portfolio approach. Our IT transformation strategy services start with understanding your business requirements, your goals and objectives, mapping the current and future states, building a business case for change and enable you to maximise value for your business.
  • Q: How do I leverage cloud computing models?
    • A: The journey to cloud is not a simple one, with private, public, hybrid and a myriad of models it can be hard to understand where to start. We offer cloud strategy and architecture services which align IT and business objectives to ensure your gaining competitive advantage and adopting the right technology models for your business.
  • Q: How do i ensure my organisation is ready to operate a cloud solution?
    • A: Built upon a strong IT service management foundation, leveraging DevOps principals and adopting an enterprise architecture approach our cloud readiness solutions will give you a clear understanding of your readiness for cloud, a gap analysis and road map for success.
  • Q: We seem to constantly invest in new technologies to solve the same problems, how do we rationalize and reclaim ROI?
    • A: Our Infrastructure Optimization solutions are built upon best practices from multiple domains and leverage best practices from a multitude of sources such as Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, CMMI, ITIL, TOGAF, PRINCE2 and many others. Operating across people, process and technology we work with everyone from executrices through managers and administrators, from IT  to the business to ensure your IT services meet the demands of the business.
  • Q: How do I secure my business services?
    • A: We have a mantra that a good strategy, with a solid design creates an efficient operation. The same can be applied from a security perspective, the challenge is how do we understand our current level of risk, the weak points of our IT solutions and develop a road map to make security part of the culture. We offer a range of security focused services from discovery, audit, analysis and hardening services all aimed at giving you a platform to continually develop a security focused culture.
  • Q: How do I attract and retain talent?
    • A: It’s easy in the technology world to think about the flashy lights, the new gadgets and latest hype. We need to remember that business rely on people. From a business and IT perspective we need to ensure we have the right culture, capabilities and skills to succeed. We work with you to understand your organisation landscape, conduct interviews and workshops to understand culture, skills and capability, and develop roadmaps to attract and retain key talent.
  • Q: How do I do more with less?
    • A: Do more, cheaper, faster and to a better level of quality, a simple challenge? Not so! So to tackle this we’ve got a range of tools in our kits to understand current costs, model future state scenarios and identify efficiency opportunities. We often combine a range of our modular services to ensure the right fit (and cost) can be enabled for your business.
  • Q: We always seem to be reactive, how can we gain control again?
    • A: Being reactive is not a great scenario for anyone in the supply chain, your customers, partners and employees will all suffer, there is however another way. Our transformation methods develop a road map to ensure the core of your services is strengthened, that fires are dealt with in a business aligned manner and that a path to pro-active IT is established.
  • Q: The competition have an enabled mobile workforce, how do we enable mobility without increasing risk?
    • A: Our modern workforce services are aligned to enabling a dynamic, mobile and secure workforce giving the tools to your business to enable innovation and productivity while protecting their assets.
  • Q: We grow through mergers and acquisitions, how do we assess, plan and transition this activity without re-creating the wheel every time?
    • A: Leveraging standardized practices from planning, analysis through to transition our services have been designed with mergers and acquisitions in mind.

We have a wide range of standard services which we can tailor for you, we also build bespoke services designed specifically to ensure your requirements are catered for.

We are always happy to discuss your challenges and successes, for more information please contact [email protected]