Availability management and how in an agile world, ITIL® still is relevant

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In our latest blog we explore some myths about ITIL guidance looking at how process does not equate to a reactive focus and that ITIL and DEVOPS work better together. Topics Discussed Is ITIL availability management only reactive? Is ITIL availability management focused on failure rather than recovery? Does availability management exist in isolation? Does […]

Enhancing the education experience through digital services

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Traditional vs Digital learning experiences Coming from a technology driven background, I’ve grown up leveraging technology. My homework was typed rather than written (anyone who’s seen my handwriting will understand this!), Initially I used Microsoft Encarta for research before time moved on and I started to use the internet and all manner of productivity applications. […]

The management and monitoring tool dilemma

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5 tools that do the same function? Imagine this scenario: your operations teams submit a request for more budget. Let’s say this is for a solution to monitor your recently upgraded virtualisation environment. They cry: “we need this toolset, it will reduce unexpected outages, give us great insight into our diversity, capacity, performance and configuration […]

Enhancing the B2B experience through digital collaboration

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Traditional communication and collaboration It wasn’t that many years ago when a huge volume of project data was being transmitted almost solely via email. Project plans would go out to the team, files would be version controlled using the filename attribute, password enabled zip files would land in your inbox, data was scattered throughout client, […]