This isn’t Mordor and so there isn’t one ring to rule them all!

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Fine grained password management policies and active directory Introduction It’s very easy to shout polarised views out there, especially when it comes to people giving out advice on password good practises! We’ve seen all manner of craziness again in the last few weeks on the internet about people claiming password managers aren’t safe and can’t […]

WannaCry Ransomware Guidance (fast publish)

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I’m currently working with a client at a ~5,000 seat site to combat a WannaCry ransomware outbreak. I’ve put together some draft high level information on the malware, mitigation strategies and high level removal guidance. It’s really rough at the minute (I’ve been helping recover services, conducting vulnerability scans, configuring honeytraps, collecting samples, setting up sinkholes […]

The impact of moving to converged or hyper-converged infrastructure

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In the world of information technology we can often get caught up with performance specifications, technical wizardry and the latest ‘must have’ solution. In our latest blog we look at the how changes at the technical architecture layer can have far wider reaching implications on people. Click the download icon below to read our latest […]

The anatomy of designing resilience, recoverability and contingency into technology services

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Retrofitting services with availability and disaster recovery can be a challenging tasks and often compromises have to be made. Here we look into the anatomy of designing services with these capabilities in mind to ensure IT and business value are aligned. As we know, a well designed solution is simpler to operate, has better ROI and […]

Availability management and how in an agile world, ITIL® still is relevant

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In our latest blog we explore some myths about ITIL guidance looking at how process does not equate to a reactive focus and that ITIL and DEVOPS work better together. Topics Discussed Is ITIL availability management only reactive? Is ITIL availability management focused on failure rather than recovery? Does availability management exist in isolation? Does […]